Detention Reduction

Bennett High School 2011-2012
9th Grade Progress Report - Reduction of Detentions 

Behavioral Improvement

Bennett High School 2011-2012
9th Grade Behavioral Scale Assessment Improvement.

Academic Improvement

This graph illustrates the Academic Progress between the 1st and 2nd Quarter.  54% of the students had passing marks, 33% of the students has improving marks and only 13% had failing marks.

Number of Students (42)  Improving – 24 (57%)  
Key:    1 – Disruptive
            5 – Cooperative
          10 – Usually Excellent

The Behavioral Scale “Key’ operated the data in the following ways;

Pre-Test: Our students gave their initial score based on the school administrators recommendation, for them to be a participate of the character education classes.

Post- Test: Our student’s final scores were calculated from the teachers; based upon their behavior in class. Also their detentions, suspensions and academic achievement.

The content behind the data was designed to measure the success, and benefits of character education within PLA (Poor, Low, and Achieving) Schools; as it pertains to our students becoming more respectful, and education driven, for academic success.

Data is composed based on the Academic and Behavioral Scale.