Terri Ann Howard (Coplin), Founder, President and CEO of World of Girls and Boys Empowerment Mentorship Co, Inc.   She is a native of Buffalo NY. Wife, Mother and an Ordained Minister/ Pastor and Educator who serves students, families, churches and her local community.  As a longtime community leader youth activist for over twenty years, she has focused on empowering children in the urban community with character enhancement and academic success skills training.  With girls being her forte.

Terri Ann has been a long time community leader, and trail blazer within her local community since 1985 to present. She established the My Sisters Keepers community outreach to enhance the character development skills within the lives of girls.

She is founder of the following community outreach accomplishments:
– My Sisters Keeper Enterprise
– Annual Debutante Pageant of Divinity
– Young Ladies Making a Difference girls radio show
– Young Ladies Dignity Conference
– Sisters United neighborhood skills training program
– Stars in the Community recognition day for teen young ladies and young
– She developed attitude and character development curriculum for girls in
the Buffalo Public Schools, as a vendor

Her twenty-four years of dedicated service to our Buffalo Schools in various areas such as, Parent Volunteer, Substitute Teacher, Vendor, Parent Facilitator and a School Counselor shows her passion for empowering families and challenging students to succeed academically.  She is from a family of ten. Her mother and father together raised eight children. Home is where she learned the values of hard work, commitment and character development.

Mrs. Howard’s passion is to see all students’ in urban areas succeeding academically.   Her motto is “When you learn, then you can teach others” She is a proud mother of three children who all graduated from the Buffalo School District, and are also college graduates. Her strengths of strategic and innovative planning are an asset to any system.   She is very skilled at perceiving the needs within our students. Her insight affords her the ability to customize programs that meet their individual needs.

She obtained her Master’s Degree in Counseling and Human Services from Canisius College specializing in Mental Health.  Her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Houghton College and a  Liberal Arts and Christian Counseling Degree from Jacksonville Theological Seminary.

Many outstanding awards and honors validate her passion for turning students around and empowering families.

  • Outstanding Educator of the Year Award, NYS Alliance for Black Schools
  • JC Penny’s’ Education Award
  • Community Builders Award
  • Outstanding Women of Achievement and Faith Empowerment Award
  • Erie County Legislature, Outstanding Dedication to the Community Award
  • Youth Empowerment Award, Urban Christian Ministries
  • Dedication to our School and Parents, Enhancement Certificate